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Sucking cock in his car

Well, I got to suck some dick again today.  I wasn't expecting to, but around 10 PM I got an e-mail from Tall Guy asking how I was doing.  After I mentioned that I hadn't had much luck with my Craigslist ads since then, he brought up how good the blowjob I gave him the first time was... and we ended up setting up another meeting.

I ended up discovering that I really like giving head from the passenger's seat of a car... I would've thought it would be kind of an uncomfortable position, but it wasn't at all.  I guess that might depend on the car, though.

I walked out to an area along the side of the road where I live, and waited for him to show up.  I'm guessing I must have been very good at it the first time... otherwise why would the guy drive for almost an hour just for me to suck him off?
Anyway, after waiting around for a while, his car pulled up and I hopped in.  He drove around into a more secluded area, leaned his car seat back so he could lay down, and unzipped his pants.  He wasn't quite hard yet, but after I grabbed his cock and licked the head a little that changed pretty quickly.  I sucked him for several minutes--it seemed a lot longer than the first time--and along the way I managed to take the whole thing down into my throat at least once.  I know I definitely felt it slide back in there once, and there were several times where if I had gone any further down I would have had pubic hairs up my nose.  I didn't really even gag this time; I felt a little bit close to gagging a few times when the head was bumping up on my uvula, but it wasn't bad enough to actually cause any problems and I kept sucking him.  After a while I got going really fast, taking him all the way into the back of my mouth or further every time and then coming all the way back up just short of the head.  Toward the end I started using my hand a little, when I wasn't taking him all the way down; he was a lot more vocal about it this time (he was moaning and telling me how good it felt throughout the whole second half of the blowjob, instead of just right there at the end when he was shooting his load) so I must have done even better than before.

A few times I took him all the way in and just let him fuck my throat lightly until I needed to come up for air, then I would start sucking really fast again, going all the way up and down on his cock.  Eventually he started moaning a lot more than before, and he shot his cum in mouth--probably five or six squirts, but I didn't gag on it this time.  I swallowed it all easily and kept on sucking him until it was all gone, not taking his cock out of my mouth until it was starting to lose its hardness (and even then I went back a few times and licked and sucked a little.)  There was a lot more cum this time than before--he said he had been saving it up since Saturday, so I'm guessing that's why!  It also didn't taste quite as bad as it did the last time; I slurped it all down without any trouble.

After that we talked for a little bit, and I let him suck me a little before I jacked off and then let him finish it off and take my cum.  It actually didn't feel very good to cum in his mouth at all... I'm thinking it's because I'm uncircumcised and the head is too sensitive, so it actually felt too good when he was sucking me--it almost hurt, actually.  I don't think I'll be sore this time, but it did kind of hurt for a while afterward.... I guess I'm more of a giver than a reciever when it comes to sucking dick.

Maybe a flavored condom or something like that might help? I've heard that condoms tend to reduce the sensation a little, so... maybe wearing one while being sucked off would bring it down a bit from "almost painful if I'm about to cum and even worse if I just did."

Also posted in my own journal, but I figured I'd post it here too (since it's definitely on-topic!)  Unfortunately, there's still no pictures of me sucking... maybe next time!
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