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New journal, add me?

 Hi!  I am new, and just started this private journal to journal my new sexcapades.  :)  I am 30'ish, as is my bf.  L is a bit older than I.  We are into experimental play (pain, bondage, fisting, etc - whatever strikes our fancy) as well as possible poly action.  Please feel free to add me.  Here is a sample of my journal, so you can judge if it is too vanilla for your tastes.  


I love L’s cock.

I have never been with an uncut man before, and thought it weird that a man would be uncut even, till I got up close and personal with his prick. I found it incredibly exciting to tongue the fold, searching for his head and piss slit. He would moan as his thighs would stiffen, and I knew I had found his most sensitive of places. Once he was fully hard, I let his hips thrust in and out of my mouth, face fucking me, all the while my tongue furiously lapping his underside. His cock is amazing, veiny and gorgeous, begging to be lapped and suckled. Every so often I push my mouth to the base of his cock, or as much as I could without gagging, and look up to see him squirming, head rolling from side to side, jaw slack, in his own world. His joy makes me wet, and my lapping continues, more furious now. I wanted all of his cock in me. I begin jacking him off now, saving my tongue for the head of his cock. His breath catches and he croaks "I’ll cum if you keep doing that."

I smile. "Darling, that’s the point."

My hand goes faster, my tongue gets rougher. He starts to moan in earnest, his balls tightening. The first spurt of cum hits the top of my hand, and I know my reward is here. I clamp down on his cock with my mouth, sucking him dry, willing the cum out of him. His body goes limp, and I continue to suckle. Sometimes he lets me tongue bathe him for a few minutes. Once he fell asleep for about 10 minutes, all the while with his softening cock in my mouth. He woke up with me still clamped on, nose buried in this pubic hair.

I make eye contact. He smiles. I go back to suckling his perfect prick.

Finally his poor member can take no more, and I lovingly maneuver the skin over his head. I take a few more minutes to kiss his now gone piece, his thighs, his pubic region. His balls get a loving lick and caress of their own. When I am finish, my face flush with his sweat, my mouth full of salt, only then can I lay next to him, his arms wrapped around me, perfectly content.

Orgasms come in all shapes and sizes. I cum consistently throughout the session. His cock makes me cum even when it isn’t in my pussy or ass. Now that’s a fun time.

 PS - feel free to show me around to other folks you think might like me.  I do like to be passed around.  :P


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