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Cooler Fuck

                Now as I stated in the previous tale I had made some plans with Jay after our public display in the parking lot near my home to have him come and see me while I was working, this also happened about 2 weeks ago.  Jay and I exchanged a few emails and finally agreed that he would come and see me on a day that I knew that work wasn't going to be busy.   I called him after all my coworkers left and knowing that there were cameras around I unplugged the one in the back where all the action was going to take place.  I waited for him to arrive and when he did, I grabbed him by the shirt and quickly pulled him into the back and kissed him as soon as we were safely in the back.  Our kiss did not stay innocent for very long.  It quickly turned passionate as we devoured each other.  Our mouths exploring all over each others necks, biting each other to increase the pleasure.  Our hands started roaming all over each others bodies with cock groping and ass grabbing.

                    This continued until I forced Jay to drop to his knees and told him to undo my belt as he took out my hard cock and took it into his mouth I moaned his name softly.  I pulled his face down my cock hard making him choke and gag.   I throat fucked him until he pushed me off and told me to relax, so I leaned back against the sink and let him just work my cock.  His tounge became a thinig of wonder as he licked my shaft up and down, taking care to make sure my balls were not neglected.   He did things with his tounge that were just so fantastic that I only thought were possible in a porn movie but never anything that I would ever experience.  He would alternate licks with full deep throated thrusts.   Making me throw my head back in extreme pleasure.  Moans were escaping my lips frequently, thankfully I had my iPod playing loudly so no one could hear us in our passion.  Jay kept up the fabulous blowjob, in the back room in full view of anyone, that if they wanted to could see us if they really looked.  I finally could stand no more and grabbed his head violently and started pumping away,  Jay moaned around my cock.  I pumped his mouth for a while before I noticed that he was jerking off his cock as I fucked him, I stopped fucking him and told him that there was no way in hell that he was making himself cum.  I pulled him to his feet by his cock and pushed him into the chair,  I then grabbed the saran wrap and a roll of duct tape that we have and bound his hands behind the chair.  He was all like "What the fuck do you think you are doing?"  To which I replied "Shut the fuck up if you still want use of that mouth."  He stopped complaining because he saw that I had a strip of tape in my hands that would have easily gone over his mouth.

I dropped myself down to my knees and buried my head between Jay's thighs,  I gave his cock a few good licks before I grabbed each of his legs and bound those to the chair as well,  he wisely didn't complain.  He knew that I was in charge.  After I was satisfied with his bindings I went to work on him licking and biting up from his ankles to his huge swollen cock which I thrust down my throat until I choked and then back down the other leg.  I slapped his cock a couple of times getting it nice and red and even more hard.   He only cried out in pain once.  After slapping his cock I gripped it firmly in my hand and gave it a few hard tugs before placing kisses all over that nice 7 inch cock.  I kept licking and sucking him off and on until his cock was just leaking pre-cum, which I ate greedily.  Finally I could take it no more I needed that cock in my ass.  I dragged Jay and the chair into our walk in cooler and told him I would be right back.  I pulled up my pants tucked my erection away and went out and bought some lube.  I took my time out in the main store talking with a few people before heading back into the cooler.

When I returned I found that Jay's cock had withered a little bit due to the cold and the length of time I had made him wait.  He just looked at me longing for release.  I dropped back down to my knees and used my mouth to get him back up to full mast.  He moaned loudly as I deep throated him over and over.  I worked his cock for a few minutes before I dropped my pants and lubed up my ass and Jay's cock before sitting down on his cock.  As his cock slide into my ass inch by inch I let out cries of pleasure as it went in.  Finally his cock was firmly buried in my ass and feeling so good.  I started slowly just rocking forward and back on his hard shaft massaging my prostate with his cock.  My cock became firm and started leaking precum. I could feel Jay struggling as I tormented him with my rocking motions.  Finally I moved from a rocking motion to upward and downward thrusts, small ones just enough so that Jay could feel his cock slide in and out of my ass.  He and I both moaned and the new feelings that this brought, I only could maintain this for a few moments before my ass was craving for much more.  I started slamming my ass up and down on his cock feeling his head hit home with each downward thrust.  I grabbed onto the chain link fence in front of me for support as I kept fucking him.  Behind me I could hear the familar breath sounds that Jay makes when he is about to cum and the way that his cock was swelling in my ass I knew that it wouldn't be long before my ass was filled with hot cum.  I was thrusting my ass down when I felt his body stiffen and his cock start to jerk in my ass, suddenly the warmth was filling my ass.  I sat on his cock enjoying the feel of it before unbinding Jay.

After I unbound him I bent him over the chair and lubed up his ass before slamming my cock into it.  I was so turned on and hard that I knew that I wasn't going to last long in his ass.  I pounded away forcing moans from him.  Jay was bent over the chair holding onto it as I went to town on his ass.   It wasn't long before I was crying out that I was cumming and then I collapsed on top of him.  I lay there for a moment before getting up and got dressed,  I knew that I needed to get back to my work and so did Jay.  We kissed each other goodbye and said that we would see each other at school soon.   All in all it was a more than pleasurable experience.  I think that doing it where people could observe us made it that much more fun.  I love each and every second of this experience and can't wait to do it again.
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