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Car ride BJ

This event took place a few weeks ago before classes started back up and I haven't had a free moment to post about it until now, I hope you all enjoy.

I get home from work last Saturday and I see that Jay's car is outside my home.  My cock instantly gets hard and my ass starts to twitch.  It has been way to long since I wrapped my lips around some good hard cock.  Being as that it is currently Christmas break I have not seen any of my boys in a long time.  I stop my car and tell Jay hello and that I will be outside to see him in 5 minutes. I go inside and get changed quickly.  I quickly put on some deorderant and some body spray and get my self looking hot and sexy quickly.  I'm back outside and in his car in under 3 minutes.  As soon as my head is inside the car my mouth is locked with his.  My tounge enters his mouth and our tounges start wrestling, my hand finds its way to his thigh and starts rubbing up and down, working my way in and up till it is between his legs.  I find his cock hard and as eager as mine.  I break our kiss and tell him to drive as I start to unbuckle his belt.   We are just one house from mine before I have his cock fully out of his pants and am stroking it with my hand,  the street is very busy and there are people outside as I stroke his cock.  Knowing that they can see me stroking his beautiful cock gets me hot and I bend down and take it into my mouth as we go around the block.  He moans loudly as I take all of him into my mouth and throat.  He pushes me up off of him as we come on the corner.  He asks me where we should go and I tell him to drive to the parking lot that is just few yards across from my house. Those of you that know where I live will know what parking lot I am talking about.  I stroke him as he drives us over to the lot.  The lot is super packed with cars and I instruct him to go park as near to the other cars and building as he can.  I wanted people to see us together, I wanted to blow him where at anytime we could be seen.

As soon as we were parked I pushed his pants down to his ankles amd went back to work on his now red and swollen cock.  I needed to get his balls in my mouth.  I bent myself down and spread his legs as wide as I could and took his balls into my mouth.  They smelled like him and tasted even better.  They were heavy and huge in my mouth.  I ran my tounge up his cock before smiling up at him and asking him if he had been saving his orgasm for me. I licked his cock head round and round as I waited for him to answer.   He responded with a moan of yeeesss!! and a head nod.  I rewarded him by deepthroating his huge cock my nose buried in his balls.  His moan of pleasure filled my ears.  I moved my mouth up and down slamming his cock into my mouth at a rapid pace.  I stop as I feel his body tense and breath become rapid.  I stop blowing him and just tease him with my tounge as I'm doing this I see someone walk by and look in the car.  I just smile and keep licking his shaft.  I get a disapproving look from the person as they walk by.  I see more people coming and Jay has also seen the people coming so starts to get a little soft with embarassment. I start working his cock again with gusto as the people get closer.  He becomes a slave to his passion and gets hard and lets out a loud moan as they pass by the car. They too look in before looking away.  I hear a OMG!! as they pass by.  Jay's head is thrown back and his eyes are fluttering open and shut as I move my head up and down

I see a younger girl of about 25 or 26 coming towards the car next to us and I really want Jay to cum as she gets into her car so I start stroking his cock with my hand.  I keep my mouth over his cock head so I don't spill a drop when he cums.  As she gets closer I see that she is looking in our direction through the windows as I am stroking and sucking him.  I know she is watching us and that makes me stroke him all the more.  As she comes closer she stops in the parking lot and just watches us as I blow him.  Jay is close to coming and I feel it.  I pull my mouth off his head and stroke him with my mouth open wide. He opens his eyes and sees her watching and that sends him over the edge he cums hard.  He shoots his first shot misses my mouth and hits me square in the face.  His cum is thick and hot on my face and nose.  He shoots off 6 more times some go in my mouth and his cum is sweet tasting on my tounge, but a lot of them hit me in the face as well.  Jay finishes cumming and I start to clean my face with my fingers and eat his cum up, as this girl just stands there watching us.  She is obviously hot and bothered by our performance as her face reveals it all.  Jay helps me finish cleaning up by licking his cum off my face.  Finally my face is clean and I tell Jay to start the car and as we are backing out I give the girl a grin and wave.  She lifts her bags in reply and gets into her car.  As Jay drove me home which as I stated before is super close to this lot I watch her get into her truck and not leave.  Jay and I kiss more as he drops me off and we make plans for him to come see me at work later on in the week.  but that is another story.  One final note on the girl that watched us she didn't leave the parking lot for close to 25 mins after I was home.
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