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Just one.

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Mmmmmm... Bassist (as opposed to Bass Player), tasty hook, and he knows how to tease - tasty. And that's my opinion without seeing the rest of the package you.

Heh. Thanks for posting that.
I would do more than suck it! I would worship it and then beg you to fuck me!
hell ya!
ooooo yes I'd suck that for you anytime and gladly take your cum!
looks like a decent size, just enough to totally deep throat without too much discomfort.
Thanks for the comment! Good to finally meet someone else from Arizona. Add me?
I want to suck it!!!
Haha, then let's talk! Is that you in your userpic?
Haha! of course not! but you can see pictures of me on my journal (not as exciting as yours I'm affraid)...